Where the rubber meets the road

where the rubber meets the road

Even as a mental health professional, I absolutely despise wanky research articles or look-at-me-I-know-big-words journals related to mental health that JUST talk about the therapeutic theory. Because while that stuff is juicy (to some of us – head here if you’re also a nerd)…during an existential crisis or anxiety attack, that shit is not useful bro!

I equally cringe at the current “wellbeing” vibe that discusses really insightful practical tools like…getting enough sleep, drinking more water or going for a daily walk. EYE ROLL. These things are obviously important. So obviously important infact that the DEEERRRRRRR factor should echo on forever and ever and ever! Thank you captain obvious!

Here in this space, with my fellow intelligent, ambitious, sensitive, creative high functioning beings…I want us to discuss the nitty gritty. The day-to-day tools that ACTUALLY support the day-to-day realities. YAAASSSSS!

And…spoiler alert…many of these things are related to YOU getting real with YOU. That sounds so self-helpy hey!? Gross. But also true my friends. This is where the rubber meets the road!

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool…

If you have big scary concerns or relatable practical questions that you need support with, share in the comments below and we will figure this crazy stuff out together!


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