what’s in a name?

what’s in a name?

You may have noticed that I use the terms “high-stress”, overwhelm, panic, pain, distress etc to discuss mental health discomfort. I use these terms instead of consistently labelling an experience as anxiety or depression (or any other diagnosis actually) for a reason. As a mental health professional, I have witnessed first-hand how diagnosis is and isn’t useful. So…I leave those labels up to you to decide to use, or not use, as you wish.

For one, I am not (and never want to be) qualified to diagnose anyone. It’s not my jam. But I have seen many times how someone receiving a diagnosis can help them understand themselves better (which can be an epic relief) and steer them towards making changes that make their day to day more comfortable. That’s way rad! On the flip side of that, I have also seen individuals who have received a diagnosis become disempowered by it, as they start to identify themselves with their “illness” and only their illness. That’s way sad!

So….I choose to use inclusive terms that most of us can relate to. People experience these feelings on a spectrum. Crappily, some people sit at maximum capacity 24/7. And that is exhausting and really frickin hard! People experiencing disordered eating, addictions, bipolar, schizophrenia, grief, loss, change, an existential crisis, unhealthy habits, depression, anxiety, disconnection from self, stuckness, trauma, abuse, fatigue…etc…etc… will likely experience shitty af feelings regularly.

Everyone and everything is welcome here. This space is for anyone who just feels fucking shit…and yet continues to get up every morning and hussle. You are far from alone my friend!


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