therapy is a creative experiment

therapy is a creative experiment

I’ve just spent the last three days in a gestalt therapy workshop. Much of my therapeutic style is influenced by gestalt as I’ve completed a Post Grad Cert in Gestalt Therapy and see a gestalt therapist myself.

The gestalt approach is complex in its simplicity. It emphasises the importance of the client-therapist relationship and our awareness of self and environment. It considers the whole human being in their context, and supports the client towards their natural orientation of survival, growth and fulfilment.

It is also creative a.f as it allows the client and therapist to explore the present experience in any frickin way they wish. It’s hard to explain…as obviously it’s an experience, not a bunch of words on a blog. But I assure you it can be insightful and inspiring and move you out of icky stickyness.

Gestalt can incorporate the following (and also most other things):

  • physical movement
  • story telling
  • symbols
  • sand play
  • experimentation with voice
  • somatic exploration
  • silence
  • drawing

Whatever the client needs really…

It’s a powerful modality that supports awareness and movement from an embodied experience, rather than just from a heady analytical perspective. Since we mostly learn by doing, it’s a no brainer for me!


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