slow the f down

slow the f down!

I’m exhausted! Completely flattened today. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of “stuff” I have going on in my life and trying to keep up with it all…and I also feel equally excited and inspired by it. Because of this…my head is racing, my heart is pounding…and I can hear anxiety walking towards my front door! Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!

If I choose to carry on anyway, I know from past experience that I will probably wig out…

Because I’ve reached overwhelm before I’m very aware of the different signs LEADING UP to d-day
  • Things I used to find tolerable, I now find punch worthy
  • Resentment and bitterness make me their bitch
  • Too much stimulation is a massive no-no!
  • I don’t (want to) answer my phone
  • I get road ragey, eye rolly and scarily quiet
  • I reach for the remote and a chocolate bar (or 5)
  • Everything sucks to the point of teary because the world is ending
  • My adrenaline takes over and I save the world
  • My body stiffens and aches, and my digestive symptom panics
  • I enter my lady cave and don’t exit until forcibly removed
  • I’ll become fearful and spiral into an “I suck” mentality
  • or I may just freeze completely and lose complete contact with myself

I know these are tell-tale signs of caution because they are so far away from my personality or behaviours when I feel relaxed and in my flow.

Your turn…think back to the last time you became highly anxious, manic, overwhelmed, depressed, emotional…

What happens for you when you start to feel feral? What are your behaviours, thoughts, feelings, sensations in the lead up to mental chaos?
What are your tell-tale signs that shit is getting heavy and harder to hold?

Take some time. List these things out…. Really put yourself back into that moment. The more detail you can remember from this experience the more useful it will be to you down the track.

As we become more aware of our behaviours we can start catching the ick earlier and support ourselves in healthy ways to avoid total mayhem.



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