share the journey

mental health month – share the journey

Mental health obvs isn’t a once a year event.

Idiot – “Hey folks, if you could alllll just schedule your anxiety, depression, mania, addictions, obsessive compulsions etc etc into October that’d be rad! Then we can all move on with our lives…”

Me – Delightful concept fool!

BUT it gets people talking and hopefully starts to normalise shared experiences…and that’s why we’re here right!? Any progress is a step forward my friend!

So….in the spirit (fingers) of mental health month…I offer you up a challenge. Should you choose to accept, you could dramatically change your life and the life of another foreeevvvvveeeerrrrrr! Get on board ppl!

Step 1) Ask a pal / work colleague / family member / neighbour / club member to catch up for a cuppa. Easy peasy! (If you’re feeling like shite, as we all sometimes do, you’re allowed to reschedule! There’s no harm! More on this topic later)

Step 2) While having that said cuppa, ask them how they are. (Sounds simple right?!) Your cuppa date will likely skim over the real nitty gritty stuff. Your goal however, is to slow them down and ask them…”But, how are you really? I’m totes here for you bro”. They may chose to ignore your invitation for further conversation, and that’s totally fine. But you have extended a very warm and open olive branch. So delicious! If they do start to share by the way, you’re NOT expected to solve their problems, but just show that you care and feel for them. Full stop. Be the person who you wish you could talk to. Am I right?!

Step 3) If you feel emotionally safe with your cuppa date, I invite YOU to reveal just a little about how you’re doing. Don’t feel like you need to spill your guts. But just challenge yourself to reveal a teeeeeny bit more than you have previously. Stretch them emo muscles! Real connection begins with just one real-deal conversation! Your reveal could potentially feel super empowering for you, and normalise both your, and their, experience.

Because…we are all humans who feel shit. And feel shit.


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