“How mad are you?”

How “Mad” Are You?

Blackfella Films has produced yet another thought provoking mini series, airing on SBS Australia on 11th October. How ‘Mad’ are you? explores the stigmas, stereotypes, symptoms and realities faced by individuals who have previously received a mental health diagnosis. The short doco involves 10 Australians (5 with a diagnosis, 5 without) competing in a series of organised challenges, while a panel of professors watch on to observe behaviours and pair diagnosis with individual. Will their professional analysis be correct?

I’m intrigued by this concept and curious to witness Australia’s response to the program. My initial reactions are…what if this increases stereotypes further? What if people who have zero mental health knowledge start assuming that everyone with diagnosis X then must be like Y? I’m also concerned for the individuals involved and how this impacts their mental health… But perhaps this is the anxiety in ME talking? Oh the ethical red tape they would of had to cut through!

BUT I’m so stoked they did! I am excited and inspired that a group of creators and makers have put their time, energy, resources and talents into discussing mental health, with the aim to reduce stigma in Australia. Serious legendary status to them for using their art as therapy for thousands! And being brave enough to not just HAVE the bloody conversation, but forcing us to question ourselves while having it! That shit changes lives! I take my hat of to the innovators at Blackfella Films!

You guys know where I’ll be on the 11th Oct…



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