Here’s a liberating thought!

here’s a liberating thought!

It is not the thoughts themselves that keep us chained inside our cell, but our attachment to the thoughts. As soon as we place a judgement on, or create a relationship with, our thoughts…we are pretty much handing over our power.

A thought by itself is simply a thought. We can say hey and wave as it passes through…acknowledging it’s existence with neutral interest or perhaps curiosity. But it’s when we invite the thought in for dinner that we begin to build a relationship with it. Now suddenly we have a past together, and may have expectations for a future. We are attached. And it wants its desired outcome! It can send us down panic spirals…when really there is nothing to resolve.

Thoughts and curiosity can also liberate us if we remain non-attached. Questioning and pondering on thoughts is healthy and keeps our mind stimulated, while allowing us to evolve and grow. In times of stress we can pause and ask ourselves…

“How does this thought impact me?”

“Has my creative mind developed a fantasy story around this one little thought?”

“Does my best friend/lover/mother/sista/boss also believe this thought to be true?”

This self-reflective interview assists us to see what really is, and opens up new possibilities. This puts some healthy distance between the thought and you. You can observe it and choose whether to befriend it or not.

When thoughts develop from wonder, not auto-pilot, they can flourish or flower into delightful creations…whatever that may be.

Keep your eyes peeled for practical tips on how to incorporate this practice into your day…


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