dear gentlemen,

dear gentlemen,

I’m sorry history makers before us have taught society that men showing emotion or feelings are “weak”. It must be super uncomfy, maybe even distressing, stuffing your feelings down all the time. No wonder for the increased rates of drunken violence, domestic violence and men completing suicide in Australia today. A bunch of these cases are the direct result of suppression dear friends. It’s as simple as that.

I urge you now, as some of the bravest dudes are starting to break out of the pack, to jump onboard the express train. Sharing your experiences and feelings are an act of courage. Showing your humanness and authenticity is the greatest masterpiece you could ever create. Suffering is a human experience, and last time I checked, men are equally human.

I applaud all the beautiful, sexy men who have the ability to quieten their ego, remove some of the hard protective layers (which is absolutely challenging for us all), and access the realest and softest parts of themselves. In doing this, you display the ultimate human strengths of bravery, empathy, empowerment and emotional intelligence.

You, like every other human, have permission to exist in the world as all of you. You, like every other human, are worthy of gentleness, care and love. You may not have been told this before…but I hope you can hear it now!

As you develop more compassion towards yourself, you will attract the same compassion from others, and also become more compassionate towards others. These are the leaders, fathers, role-models, change-makers, creators, innovators this world needs. All you have to do, is walk towards the most authentic version of you.

And I’m right next to you doing the same if you need me 🙂


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