blue bird, be heard

blue bird, be heard

“fashion is about something that comes from within you”
– Ralph Lauren

I love fashion! Not necessarily what’s trending though…I love pulling patterns and colours together to express how I feel each day. When I feel authentic and comfortable in my dress, I feel confident in myself. I can speak clearer, stand in myself more strongly, and own who I am and where I’m at. Don’t underestimate the power of “costume” people. Like all the great artistic geniuses…own your uniqueness!

To be able to express myself through colour/fabric/pattern/tone, by simply putting on a shirt or pair of earrings, is strangely liberating.

Fashion is about embracing and celebrating another part of me that would otherwise go unseen. The unseen parts of us, are the parts that scream out for our attention.
– Sez.

Safely exposing bits of ourselves can be crazy powerful and a shit tonne of weight off our shoulders!

#wearmyheartuponmyearlobe @highfunktioning

I had a job interview yesterday and had to “professional it up” a little. These lil bird friends are fun but not LOUD (like a lot of my other earrings haha) and allowed me to be me while reflecting how cool, calm and collected I am. Two thumbs up!


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